December, 23

December 23 is the 357th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (358th if leap year). It 8 days before the end of the year.


There is no celebration for this day!


Death of Mikhail Kalashnikov

(December, 23 2013)
Born November 10, 1919 at Kouria, inventor of the assault rifle of the same name (also known as AK-47)  died at the age of 94 in his hometown of Izhevsk.He was a living legend in Russia, but lived in a very modest comfort. His only regret was that his invention has become "the favorite weapon ...

Creation of the Fed

(December, 23 1913)
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson signed the bill creating the Federal Reserve, the U.S. central bank.The Fed is an independent monetary institution that provides financial services to banks, supervises and regulates the banking sector and fulfills a mission of monetary policy, trying to keep rates low ...


There is no saying for this day!


Sign of the Zodiac: 2th day of the astrological sign of Capricorn.