April, 19

April 19 is the 109th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (110th if leap year). It 256 days before the end of the year.


There is no celebration for this day!


NASA's Ingenuity helicopter makes first flight on Mars

(April, 19 2021)
NASA's Ingenuity helicopter, which arrived on Mars aboard the Perseverance rover, makes its first flight on the planet, becoming the first aircraft to achieve powered, controlled flight on another planet.

Oklahoma City bombing

(April, 19 1995)
Timothy McVeigh belonging to the "militia movement" caused the death of 168 people and more than 680 injured in the bomb attack against the Federal Building Alfred P. Murrah (housing the FBI, ATF, DEA) in downtown Oklahoma City.

Beginning of the American Revolutionary War

(April, 19 1775)
British troops clashed with American militiamen in the Battles of Lexington and Concord, marking the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. For many, this is the first day experienced by the United States as an independent nation, even though the Declaration of Independence was not signed ...


There is no saying for this day!


Sign of the Zodiac: 30th day of the astrological sign of Aries.